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From the Director
Rob Andreas


God is so gracious to His children. We have received so much in this great salvation that He has provided for us. Think about it for a few moments. We have been taken from darkness and have been translated into the light of His Son. We are chosen and adopted into His family. We are saved from all sin and forgiven completely. We have been granted eternal life which started the moment we believed in Jesus. We have a hope that we will be, one day, in His presence in a glorious place He calls heaven. See, we have so much and so much more than all that.  

Now that we know some of the blessings from our Heavenly Father, a question we might ask ourselves is, what have we given to Him? You see we have this life, only this life, to serve Him. We must dedicate and devote ourselves to His glorious purposes for us. We can give ourselves to the Lord every day and offer the sacrifice of praise to Him.  

It is up to us to draw near to God and in return He will draw near to us. A relationship that is knit in love and grace coupled with His goodness and mercy should draw us into the provider of all things.  

The first step in drawing near to God is to give one’s life to Jesus Christ for His saving power and work. God made it so simple. He really did everything for our benefit. Have you received Him as your personal Savior? Take a moment and confess your sin and trust in Jesus.


How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation; which at the first began to be spoken by the Lord, and was confirmed unto us by them that heard Him;  Hebrews 2:3

57 Years of Combined Experience

As young men, Rob Andreas and Mark Ruggerio set out on a mission to help the local church become strong and viable in our nation. Church Planters to America gave us this opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. We have dedicated our lives to strengthen and build up the local church. We would be honored to have you join us in this adventure. We have an application process if you believe this is your calling. Please let us know so you can fill out and Rob & Mark begin your church planting journey.

Stewardship Contemplations

Rev. Mark Ruggerio, Associate Director

One theme that the Lord has laid upon my heart recently is that of stewardship. Steward is a word that we hear in God’s Word, but not much in common English today.  A close modern-day translation to the Greek word for steward is manager.        

In today’s busy world, in order to manage the many hats that each of us has to wear, we must be stewards of what has been apportioned for us.  We each have a certain amount of time, money, and other resources.  We are called to be good stewards of what the Lord has provided to us. So, I ask how am I doing?   Have I been investing in things that really matter?  Or, has another day slipped away, and my own personal interests have been my focus?   

As a congregation, stewardship is also something that needs to be on the forefront of our minds.  How, as a congregation, are we doing with what the Lord has provisioned us with? With a large property and three older buildings, all of which had been neglected in the past, it is a continual challenge to be a good steward in the area of upkeep.  Due to the Lord providing through the faithful giving of His people, we have been able to continue to make some very needed repairs, especially to an additional building on the back of the property. Two of the five entrances to the building had become unusable because of safety issues.  This summer, a lot of work has been done and now these entryways are safe, sturdy, and to code.       

Additionally, at the parsonage, as time and resources have allowed, we have been able to bring the main bath up to more of what one would expect in a home.  So instead of bare sheet rock, loose tiles, a cracked sink, worn Marlite and a section of rot near the tub, we have a much more welcoming bath for use.      

With all this said, and as important as it is, what is truly important for each of us, is our walk with the Lord.  Our relationship with Him is paramount. First and foremost, we must know Him as Lord and Savior. Then beyond that, is the question how are we spending each day, each moment?   Let us all ask ourselves the question, are we being good stewards, managers, of what the Lord has provided us?  


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Rob & Mark


      Before                             After                          Bathroom Upgrade