Church Planters to America

From the Director
Rob Andreas


As the first BEACON after the passing of Tom Buckley into the glorious presence of Jesus our Saviour, I am realizing the tremendous responsibility to lead an organization for God’s kingdom. Please pray for me as I direct the mission and continue to pastor the Portageville Community Baptist Church.

Life is so short even if you live to be 100 years old. We must stay focused on what God has called us to do. My wife, Sue and I, first met Tom and Carol Buckley while in our second year of Bible College. After hearing of the needs in America we decided that God was calling us to be church planters. We started our ministry in 1987 and have pursued our calling from that day forward. We are presently serving in our 4th church and are now almost four years into this church plant. We live by faith and are supported by churches and individuals that see the burden we have and want to be a part of God’s work.

How about you? Are you true to God’s calling in your life? Are you sharing your faith and showing the world that Jesus is your Lord and Saviour? We only have one life to live and only this moment to make a difference in the lives of those around us. Many people are lost and dying in their sins and it has always been my desire to share the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He died and rose again so that He could save the world from sin and destruction. How about you my friend, are you sure you are saved and on your way to Heaven?  This is an eternal choice we all will decide!

Missionary Family News

To serve the Lord is a great privilege for every believer. Church planting is not an easy task but the rewards and blessings are tremendous. Perhaps you or someone you know believe God has called them to help the local church as a church planter. We need men and their families that have this calling, to contact Church Planters to America and see if they are a fit for this ministry. . . CAROL BUCKLEY, Mission Office Manager, Almond, NY, has had a very trying year. With the passing of her husband, Tom, she is busy getting much in order and continues to do her normal office duties. She is doing very well handling the day to day activities and requests your prayers as she continues to serve the Lord with Church Planters to America. Carol is a blessing to the mission and we appreciate all she does on a daily basis. . . ROB & SUE ANDREAS, Director/Missionary Pastor, Portageville, NY, often with life comes more and more responsibilities which God uses to build His kingdom. Rob and Sue have dedicated their lives to God’s service and are honored to serve as church planters for over 30 years. They are seeing tremendous things here in Portageville. The buildings have needed a face lift for many years and the community is seeing this begin to happen. Their hope is that the community will see what is going on and curiosity will draw them to seek the answer which will lead to people getting saved. This should be our motive in everything we do. We love God and we love people enough to share the Gospel so they can be saved. . . BILL & WINIFRED CHAPMAN, Missionary at Large, Norfolk, VA, Bill needs much prayer as he struggles with medical issues and is currently in the VA hospital. Bill and Winnie are dear saints who have committed their lives to serve our Savior Jesus Christ. They have the special gift to help the struggling church and are a great support and encouragement to all of us here at Church Planters to America. Pray for Bill and Winnie as they continue to serve the Lord. . . MARK & SUE RUGGERIO, Missionary Pastor, Belfast, ME, are thrilled to have new families coming to church and they are grateful for many that helped with various projects around the church complex. They also have opened a clothing ministry to reach the community with the Gospel. Pray that doors of opportunity will open to share the good news. Emmanuel Baptist Church is also involved in a nursing home ministry. Pray that they will be an encouragement to all they minister to and that there will be much fruit from this outreach.

A Change of Leadership

With the sudden passing of Tom Buckley, there was the necessity for a change of leadership. For several years, Rob Andreas has served as Associate Director and worked very closely with Tom in the matters of the mission. It was a hope that there would be a smooth transition if something happened to Tom. Rob was voted in as the Director of Church Planters to America. We then had to consider who would become Associate Director and it was unanimously decided that Mark Ruggerio would be considered for this position. Mark has served with C.P.A. for 18 years and has a wonderful servants heart. Mark is a man of great conviction and love for the Lord. His wife Sue with their two daughters, Bethany and Moriah, are serving in their second work in Belfast, Maine. Mark and his family are a great asset to the mission and we are thankful for his willingness to serve as Associate Director. Congratulation Mark!     


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