Church Planters to America

From the Director
Rob Andreas


Our world is different as a result of the Corona Virus pandemic. It truly shows us the frailty of life and quickness that life can end. Because of this we need to tell as many as we can about the Gospel. Sin is the ultimate pandemic affecting every human being on this earth. There is a clear and everlasting cure for this “sin” pandemic. The cure is Jesus Christ. The world celebrates different seasons recognizing the unique person that Jesus is. Christmas and Easter are two events where celebrations of the birth and the resurrection of Christ are commemorated worldwide.  Jesus is the only cure for the sin we all suffer with.

This is why we need the local church and the presenting of the message of the Bible. The Word of God is crucial in ministering the cure for sin. You see, the Bible is about Jesus and without Him there is no hope and no cure for sin. As the Savior of the world He does not want anyone to die in their sins and be separated from Him for all eternity. We are all filled with sadness by the COVID-19 virus and as it’s causing many people to die. It is so necessary for us to proclaim the Good News about Jesus and give people the opportunity to receive the gift of eternal life.

Church Planters to America is committed to this great commission given to every born again believer. Let’s all do our part. May God bless you and the church in this call to get the message of hope out into the world. Thank you for supporting and praying for Church Planters to America. We need committed men to come and join us in this task.    

Portageville Community Baptist Church Still Under Construction

Article by Rev. Rob Andreas, Director

Winter has come to an end and as spring emerges we are excited to see work continuing on our buildings. Work was suspended because of health issues and the need for our project manager, Keith, to have shoulder surgery. We are hoping that in mid May a group from Grace Mission to The World under the leadership of George Callister will be coming with a team of perhaps 20 men to help us finish the church building in a weeks time. This will be a true blessing for the church. We have three sides that need to be prepped and vinyl sided. A handicap ramp will be installed. At the end of January, a four man exploratory team came from Georgia and Maryland to access the needs.  


Last fall, our fellowship hall had a tree fall on the back side causing over $15,000 worth of damage. We got it covered with a tarp for winter and are planning to repair it this spring. The team coming from Grace Mission to The World will also help with fixing the damage that was done.     

Also, in late fall we had our parking area paved. This was a need that had to be done. We had put down stones and it was very difficult to clear the yard of snow and was difficult for some to walk on the stones. We thank the Lord for His provision for this project. We have seen God’s people giving consistently to the work of the ministry. Thank you for all who pray for us as we serve the local community.


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Fellowship Hall Damaged During Wind Storm



Exploratory Team

Scott Foos, Jesse Myers, Rev. Butch Lee & Rev. Dewey Fisher