Church Planters to America

Prayer and Praise 

August 2020

Summer is flying by and we trust that all are healthy and well. This has been quite the year thus far. We knew this year was going to be filled with battles because of the up and coming election. We truly need to pray for America that God would send a true Holy Ghost revival and heal our nation.

C.P.A. - Almond, NY - This month we will have a group join together at headquarters to do some

general maintenance around the facilities. We are so blessed to have a property like we do to have as

the hub for our mission’s business. God is so good and we want to bless His holy Name!

ROB & SUE ANDREAS - Portageville, NY - We are so thankful to be able to worship together as a church family once again. From March to June it was a difficult time not being able to fellowship together but then again it certainly makes us appreciate one another. The Lord has been teaching me many things lately, both spiritual and temporal things. Sue and I were able to remodel our porch and make it a wonderful place to sit and pray. Prayers are so vital to our work for the Lord. We appreciate all of you who take the time to read our requests and pray for us. Pray for growth in the church and for inner strength for each person who comes to church. God has provided in many wonderful ways. We are thankful that Sue had a great report at the doctor concerning her hip. She is doing well. Her knees are weak but they are becoming stronger. Thanks for your prayers.

CAROL BUCKLEY - Almond, NY - Praise the Lord that He is still in control and that He continually sustains us here at Church Planters to America in order to make an impact in churches and the lives of other people. Thank the Lord for the help of my daughter Debbie who has come a few times this year to help me sort through and dispose of things that are no longer needed. I still need to take care of some things here at home and my son Tom will be coming next month to sort through and help organize Tom’s former workshop in my basement. Thank you to all that have been helping me get things accomplished around the house and the CPA mission headquarters building. Pray for revival in America and that like-minded men would join with CPA with a burden for the ministry of church planting in America.

WINIFRED CHAPMAN - Norfolk, VA - I praise the Lord that He has been so good to me. As I get older I no longer can do the things I used to do but I’m glad God has given me other things that bless me. I am active in my church and am glad to fellowship with a wonderful group of believers. Please pray for Jim. He lives across the street from me and needs to be saved. He is a good man but he needs Jesus in his life. Bill used to witness to him often. Pray that I will be a good witness for the Lord. Thank you for all your prayers for me. It means a lot.

MARK & SUE RUGGERIO - Belfast, ME - Please pray for Bethany and Moriah as they each return to school. With COVID 19 changes and restrictions it will be a very different experience for each of them. Please pray for the entire church to be able to meet again as half of our congregation is still watching online for health concerns. Please pray for continued safety for those involved in the repairs of the church property. We are currently painting the exterior of the parsonage. We praise the Lord for a special gift that came in for this need. Please pray for comfort for a woman in our congregation that has experienced many losses in her life recently. Praise the Lord that the monies were available to pre-buy our oil this year for the church. It has been a few years since we have been able to do so. God is so good!