Church Planters to America

Prayer and Praise 

October 2020

God is a God of miracles. We can look around and see the many things God is doing in our midst. The greatest miracle is the saving of a lost soul. That's why Church Planters to America exists. We want to be a light in this dark world to shine the glorious Gospel of Jesus to a lost community. We need prayer as we are on the front line doing battle for the Lord. We appreciate every prayer.

C.P.A. - Almond, NY - As fall comes the mowing slows down and things need to be done to prepare

for the cooler weather ahead. We are grateful for the many blessing of the Lord and how He meets

the needs. We are thankful for those of you that support our missionaries and the general fund.

Without faithful ones like you we could not serve the Lord as we do.

ROB & SUE ANDREAS - Portageville, NY - We are so blessed. God is truly faithful and we can testify to this truth. We praise Him for meeting our needs daily. He is so awesome and we cannot praise Him enough. Pray as we finish up some needed things around the church before the winter comes. We are glad to be able to start up Sunday School again. Pray for growth both for the inner man and for numerical growth in the church. Pray for Janelle, a young lady that gave her life to Jesus. Ask God to help her to grow in her faith. Sarah lost her husband and still needs our prayers. Bobby was only 39. She has 4 children. Pray too for our grandchildren as they return to a very different way of school. Thank you!

CAROL BUCKLEY - Almond, NY - Please continually pray with us for the leadership of our nation. We especially need to faithfully pray for our upcoming national election on November 3rd. Pray for repentance and revival in the hearts and lives of believers. Thank the Lord for my continual good health. Please pray for continued good health for each of our missionaries as we begin to enter the cold and flu season combined with the lingering public health crisis in the United States. Pray that the Lord would burden the hearts of pastors to join with CPA in ministry. Pray for fruitful outreach into each of our communities resulting in growth of our mission churches.

WINIFRED CHAPMAN - Norfolk, VA - God is good to me. I am thankful for the church I attend. The folks are faithful to the Word of God and love the Lord very much. We need new people to start attending. Pray for numerical growth and for the pastor and his wife. Pray for me to be effective to witness to my neighbors. I want God to use me to minister to people so they can be saved. Pray for Jim across the road for his salvation. Also other neighbors that need Jesus. Thank you for your support and prayers.

MARK & SUE RUGGERIO - Belfast, ME - After the first water leak was repaired another one appeared further up the line. Praise the Lord that both leaks to the water line were able to be repaired. Pray no more will appear. Like most nursing homes, Tall Pines is taking extreme precautions with COVID-19. Please continue to pray for the residents and staff at Tall Pines. Pray for the day to come soon that we will be able to resume visits and services. Please pray for increased ways to minister to reach our community with Christ's love. Especially where the CDC has just released guidelines concerning Halloween. It appears our annual tract distribution in conjunction with CEF will not be taking place. Praise the Lord for the great amount of work that was able to be completed this summer. Please pray for souls to be saved and for the new families that have

started coming.

Birthdays: Sharon Sinkora, (October 7th) and Carol Buckley (October 29th)