Church Planters to America

Prayer and Praise 

September 2019

Prayer is a vital part of any endeavor in our Christian faith. We need partners like you to pray for each of our missionaries. Without you and your support we would not be able to accomplish what we do and for this we are thankful.

C.P.A. - Almond, NY - Things move forward for the Lord and we are looking ahead for God to do great and mighty things.

ROB & SUE ANDREAS - Portageville, NY - We are thankful the Lord is keeping us busy in His work. Our Heavenly Father blesses every day and we are grateful for all His provision. We are also thankful for God's watch care and protection as we traveled many miles last month. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to share the Gospel at the Maine Farm Days and to see nine people give their hearts to the Lord. Pray for fall events and for wisdom to know how we may win our community to Christ. Pray as we continue to work on our building project. We are getting some things done on the building but we could use more workers. Pray for Hiram and Harlan, these two men have been having health issues. Also, pray for Keith who will need surgery on his shoulder in the near future.

CAROL BUCKLEY - Almond, NY - I praise the Lord for His daily provisions. I am very thankful to be able to continue my ministry here as a Church Planting Missionary at C.P.A. Headquarters. I keep up with the daily responsibilities here at the home office to aid our missionary families out on the field. Please pray for daily protection, good health and a faithful witness. Thanks to my faithful supporters and for your prayers on my behalf.

BILL & WINIFRED CHAPMAN - Norfolk, VA - Thank you for all your prayers. Our Pastor's wife, Nora is able to attend church more frequently. Soon she will be attending all services. We are thankful for new visitors, a father and son and two children have recently attended. Pray they will continue to come. We appreciate the faithful people we have in our church. Pray for James as he witnesses. Please pray for Bill's health. We know we serve the great physician and He is able to heal. Pray for missionary pastors and for the harvest is truly plenteous but the laborers are few.

MARK & SUE RUGGERIO - Belfast, ME - We praise the Lord for a new family that is faithful. Also, we are thankful that we were able to reopen our clothing closet last month. This ministry helps those in need and we hope to help them see their spiritual need. Please pray for the church as winter comes and bills increase greatly for heating, snow plowing and taxes. Please continue praying for several people in our congregation that are experiencing sickness and/or significant life events. Please pray that the church will grow and people will be saved. Thank you!


Birthdays this month: Stephen Meloon (4th) and Mark Ruggerio (12th)

No Anniversaries this month.